Landshut - A LA-Land Love Story

In this blogpost we will hear a bit about the wonderful city of Landshut, Bavaria. This year was a special year, as in 2017 the medieval festival called "Landshut Wedding 1475" took place. A special and vey unique medieval festival, with knights tournament, theater, parade - taking place only every 4 years and lasting for 3 weeks - bringing the whole city to a full state of happyiness, celebration and exceptionality.​​

For a visitor it is very hard to imagine, what is going on in this real LA Laho Land (official license plate for Landshut is LA)

But once you visited the "Laho" parade, taking place every sunday afternoon, with knights and junkers, noble ladies and sutlers, city guards, travellers and many children - altogether around 2000 participants, you can feel already a bit of this special mood.

After the parade you can go to the medieval camp, with food, drinks, shops - and of course the medieval knights tournament.


We turned some of our memories into art, fine art prints - and you can purchase them e.g. as a mug, fine art prints, phone cases, rugs, pillows etc.

The city itself has of course a lot to provide in regards to architecture from the 13/14 century - and gives the perfect place for this festival - not only as background or scenery - but as a living city, with a long history, real people, real stories - real life.

One important thing you also will need to know: You might hear someone shouting: Halloooo! (Hello) - The right answer would then be: Himmel Landshut (Heaven Landshut) - answered again with Tausend Landshut (Thousand Landshut).

But see now some more impressions from the city and the Landshut wedding activities.

At the end of these 3 weeks, weeks of joy and celebration - there comes the Thanks worship in St Martin Church in Landshut.

View this short video from this solemn mass, with the last "Hello" - and Himmel Landshut - Tausend Landshut"

After this solemnly ceremony, an english tourist attending this mass, and standing behind me whispered to himself:

"Unbelievable. Unbelievable." I agree.

See you again in 2021, - or anytime soon in the wonderful city of Landshut, maybe with a Gluehwein. Until then, just whispering:

"Himmel Landshut, Tausend Landshut".

PS: If you are interested in our artworks, please just contact us via - or click on the images, they will take you to our shops, where you can buy all kinds of variations of our pieces.


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